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“From its conception, I wanted Spectrum to stand out from other window glass film installation firms and build a company around Core Values that would guide us every step of the way.”


-- Vann Hoffman, President of Spectrum Glass Tinting


Core Value #1:  Quality! Plain & simple.  From using only quality Hüper Optik window filmsAvery-Dennison Films and Decorative Films, to expert professional advice before you buy, you'll see a difference. Many potential customers don't consider how important a quality installation is to ensuring a satisfying buying experience. Fact is, it's second only to the quality of the film you purchase.


Provide Core Value #2: superior service to each client. Every time, no matter what size the job. No exceptions.


Core Value #3:  Let's make it GREEN!  We recycle 100% of all materials that can currently be recycled in community programs. Tinting your glass saves you money and energy, usually paying for itself in one or two seasons, depending on the size and number of windows in your structure. Tinting your glass also saves your assets from UV and infrared deterioration, while cutting glare and hot spots. And finally, tinting your windows will also ensure that your family heirlooms won’t end up prematurely in the landfill. 


As a matter of principle, we seek out other small, like-minded businesses who share our values and offer our customers a wide range of services, including interior design and glass replacement.


Call us at 704-920-8992. We'll schedule a convenient time to discuss your objectives, and start saving on your energy costs while making your home, office, RV or boat more comfortable. Thanks again for visiting!


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